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Blaming Religion – a new fad

Many folks thrive on pointing the finger at things outside themselves...... in all directions except for where the problem really lies....... a favorite blaming place is religion......Quite frankly, organized religion is just filling an emptiness that folks feel when we have lost the inner sense of fullness. Pointing the finger of "who dunnit first" is… Continue reading Blaming Religion – a new fad

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The Precepts – Jundo Cohen

There are many ways to express the Precepts in English. I so much agree that Zazen and the Precepts are one and whole, with Zazen sustaining the Precepts, the Precepts nurturing Zazen. I do not feel that they are "Commandments," but they are pointers toward a good, gentle, peaceful, tolerant, non-harming and healthful life toward… Continue reading The Precepts – Jundo Cohen