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Zen in the Western World

An discussion of early Zen development in the west (specifically, from the time of the beatniks onwards) and some differences between how Zen was lived originally, how it was lived in Japan, and how the Western world has begun building its concepts into Western society (often without properly understanding its roots).Because Zen was so foreign… Continue reading Zen in the Western World

Zen and Chan History

The Confucian Social Order – Some Basics Excerpts from Zen Ritual p. 21-22 Long before Buddhism arrived in China, ritual practices and theory of ritual were well developed in the native Confucian tradition. The Confucian moral, political, and social orders were grounded in a sophisticated conception of ritual as the basis of civilization. The early Chinese character li, often translated as… Continue reading The Confucian Social Order – Some Basics

Zen and Chan History

King Asoka Temple – Ningbo, China Historical notes: Dahui Zonggao (1089-1163) was given the abbacy at Mt. Ashoka. By the time Dahui died in 1163 he had become one of the two or three preeminent Chan abbots and teachers of the empire, and the one of his generation who had by far the greatest impact on future generations. "During the… Continue reading King Asoka Temple – Ningbo, China