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Is Loving-kindness (Metta) a natural part of our True Nature?

In my “inner research project” i am primarily interested in “our true nature”. So, my favourite question is: “what is left after all the illusory layers have been peeled away” (revealing what is left, which should be true nature).... and the question which arises from this is: “is metta truly naturally being revealed by this… Continue reading Is Loving-kindness (Metta) a natural part of our True Nature?

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“I” “Me” “Mine” – Why do we practice unselfishness?

Why do we feel the need to rid ourselves of our selfish nature? Most of us begin practice because at some point in our lives, we found we needed to resolve perceived issues in ourselves. It seems that the "self" creates alot of our suffering...... Jealousy, anger, self-defensiveness, need, all seem to spring from this… Continue reading “I” “Me” “Mine” – Why do we practice unselfishness?

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“I” “Me” My” – Self-Defensiveness

Today, i am noting the subject of how "i" deal with "my emotional reactions" to others. Watching my own self-defensiveness in a situation is a great litmus test for whether or not the "small me" is being dealt with (it is a sneaky little bugger, which pops out at the most interesting times!). From what… Continue reading “I” “Me” My” – Self-Defensiveness