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Universalism – Helen Paulin

Facebook post by Wesley Knapp - UNIVERSALISM - THE NEW RELIGION? Helen Paulin [An early Namgyal Rinpoche student] There has been a Universalist movement in North America since before the American Revolution, the first formal organization beginning in 1970. Its basis was the belief in a loving God and the rejection of the then… Continue reading Universalism – Helen Paulin

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The future of religion – two viewpoints

An article on religion and the future of religion..... and a "response" taken from C.G.Jung's "Memories, Dreams and Reflections"..... first the BBC article (both are a bit of a read My personal thoughts: i am neither of the hard core camp of "God is a myth made by man" nor am i a believer… Continue reading The future of religion – two viewpoints

Various Belief Systems - Dialogues

Metareligion – Christopher Michael Langan Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy, vol. 14, no. 1, 2018 321 -METARELIGION AS THE HUMAN SINGULARITY 1 Christopher Michael Langan ABSTRACT : Based on the author’s notes for a presentation to the Foundations of Mind group in October of 2017, this paper examines the role of metareligion in… Continue reading Metareligion – Christopher Michael Langan

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Dialogue on Dying and Rebirth

Dialogue between G S and M D MD - Is the desire to end one's Life, contrary to what Zen is about? GS- A quote "The Buddha’s teaching is all about understanding suffering – its origin, its cessation, and the path to its cessation. When we contemplate suffering, we find we are contemplating desire, because… Continue reading Dialogue on Dying and Rebirth

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Discussions on Theism, Pantheism and “Embryoism”

G - Became a member of a pantheist group here on facebook .... pretty fun and lots of great ideas... and open minded ........ so we were discussing differences in beliefs or opinions So to name a few ...... Atheism - (def) there is no God..... Pantheism - (def) everything is god ...... Agnosticism -… Continue reading Discussions on Theism, Pantheism and “Embryoism”