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Research on Early Hominids – China

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/07/11/science/hominins-tools-china.html Although it is questionable as to whether or not the stones in question were actually formed by hominids or naturally, there are a lot of interesting issues brought up in this paper regarding dating of rocks using the magnetic flip in the earth, and issues regarding the migrations of early hominids.

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The Earth’s Magnetic Field, Sea Floor Spreading, and dating Continental Drift

The development of the theory of Continental Drift https://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/dynamic/developing.html Earths Magnetic Field - is it flipping? https://www.space.com/43173-earth-magnetic-field-flips-when.html?utm_source=sdc-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20190131-sdc This information establishes the way in which the earths crust has changed over time, and is very similar to reading the rings on a tree and dating its age. Seafloor next to the Pacific Northwest https://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/dynamic/magnetic.html

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History of Wales – Timeline

https://wales.com/history_timeline Excerpt: Prehistoric Wales The spectacular landscapes of Wales were forged in part, by the last Ice Age. Cave bears, giant deer, scimitar-toothed cats and woolly mammoths roamed the land. In fact, you can see the teeth and jawbone of a mammoth at the Holyhead Maritime Museum (link is external) after the remains were found nearby. Some scientists suggest that humans have… Continue reading History of Wales – Timeline

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Dinosaur Eggs -Very Colourful

https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-46096317 check out the photo of the Dinosaur Deinonychus Excerpt: Why do some birds lay colourful eggs? From pale blue to speckled red, they come in every shade and hue. The answer, say scientists, is that coloured eggs evolved millions of years ago in birds' ancestors, the dinosaurs. The patterns and colours may have served… Continue reading Dinosaur Eggs -Very Colourful