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Uncle Bucky’s Dharma Rules

"All activities are content ~ All content is equal ~ All content is empty" "Don't lose your beginners mind" "Be all in! Stay on Point!" "Keep all tasks current - Stay on the current task!"   Morning Dharma Schedule #1 - Drink water! #2 - 10 minutes exercise every morning before zazen! #3 - A.M.… Continue reading Uncle Bucky’s Dharma Rules

Lifes Dharma

Inertia – Are you feeding “I”nertia?

"Are you feeding Inertia (the "I") or are you feeding flowing freedom." "Inertia needs context. It cannot live in a void. Void is potentiality. Potentiality has no Inertia." Dharma 101 - Inertia feeds off our rating system..... Inertia lives in the environment of "this activity is important, that activity is not important." Dharma 102 -… Continue reading Inertia – Are you feeding “I”nertia?