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Daily Practices

Daily Practices such as chanting, reciting sacred texts, prayer, "worship", bowing down in humility, yoga, taking time for a daily quiet time such as meditation, the lighting of candles and incense, all can reconnect us to our inner wisdom guide. The urge to do so, found in all cultures of the world, is the inborn… Continue reading Daily Practices

Chanting · How We See the World · Seng Can - 3rd Patriarch of Chan

Xin Xin Ming – a way to see the world

In discussions on the question of reality, and how to see it "correctly", the following statements were made. The history of western philosophy shows that nothing of enlightening value can be arrived at by rational dialectic and discussion. While this type of deductive reasoning method is worthwhile from a scientific point of view, it is… Continue reading Xin Xin Ming – a way to see the world

Chanting · Sutras (Suttas)

The Heart Sutra – Prajna Paramita

Heart Sutra mp3 - Begins with a series of rings of the small Inkin bell , followed by 3x PROSTRATIONS by EVERYONE INO = CHANT LEADER ONLY (*):   The Heart of the Perfection of Great Wisdom Sutra* (Maka Hannya Haramita Shin Gyo in English)   EVERYONE : Avolokitesvara Bodhisattva, Awakened One of Compassion,… Continue reading The Heart Sutra – Prajna Paramita


Affirming Faith in Mind (Xin Xin Ming)

This verse is attributed to the 6th century Chinese Zen Master Seng Can (pro. Sung Tsan) Seng Can was the Third Chinese Patriarch of Chan (Zen) in China.   The Rochester and Toronto Zen Centers, both from the lineage of Phillip Kapleau, use these verses as a chant, translated into English. I have found this… Continue reading Affirming Faith in Mind (Xin Xin Ming)