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Shurangama Sutra

Download the Shurangama Sutra with commentary by Charles Luk - Lu Kuan Yu shurangamasutralukuanyu The Shurangama Sutra is a teaching between Shakyamuni Buddha and his cousin Ananda. Ananda, while a follower of the Buddha, had not "cracked" the problem of being drawn out into the world of delusion. Buddha takes pity on him, and teaches… Continue reading Shurangama Sutra

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The Heart Sutra – Prajna Paramita

Heart Sutra mp3 - Begins with a series of rings of the small Inkin bell , followed by 3x PROSTRATIONS by EVERYONE INO = CHANT LEADER ONLY (*):   The Heart of the Perfection of Great Wisdom Sutra* (Maka Hannya Haramita Shin Gyo in English)   EVERYONE : Avolokitesvara Bodhisattva, Awakened One of Compassion,… Continue reading The Heart Sutra – Prajna Paramita