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The Universe is a family and its parent is the Great Essence

There are no outside conditions that can make or break our connection to the center of the everything. Every thing in the universe is connected to the center JUST AS IT IS. Just as all parts of the tree are connected to the roots.... the roots are the tree, the bark is the tree, the… Continue reading The Universe is a family and its parent is the Great Essence

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Dealing with Resentment in the Zendo

James Kenney posted this on the Soto Zen Buddhism facebook pages, and i think it expresses this view very eloquently. Regarding taking offense of folks and the resentment that can build up, and the resolution of that by "walking it thru to the other side"..... James Kenney said: You are your practice. They are their… Continue reading Dealing with Resentment in the Zendo

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Shunryu Suzuki – Famous Quotes “Zen is not some fancy, special art of living. Our teaching is just to live, always in reality, in its exact sense. To make our effort, moment after moment, is our way. In an exact sense, the only thing we actually can study in our life is that on which we are working in… Continue reading Shunryu Suzuki – Famous Quotes