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The Five Hindrances – Ajahn Brahm

The Buddha explained that it is the Five Hindrances that distort perception and corrupt our thinking. He called the Five Hindrances the nutriment that feeds delusion (AN 10.61). The first hindrance, Sensual Desire, selects what we want to see, hear, sense and cognize. It often embellishes the truth. It presents to our consciousness the product… Continue reading The Five Hindrances – Ajahn Brahm

Ajahn Brahm · How to Practice · Theravada Buddhism

Is Meditation Difficult? – Ajahn Brahm

“Is the meditation easy for you? If you hold the view that meditation is difficult, and you are very attached to that idea, then meditation will seem to be difficult. Where did that view come from? Maybe, a long time ago, someone with authority told you that meditation was difficult, you believed them, and that… Continue reading Is Meditation Difficult? – Ajahn Brahm

Ajahn Brahm

Ajahn Brahm – Birds never carry suitcases…..

‘Meditators are like birds that soar through the sky and rise to the peaks. Birds never carry suitcases! Skillful meditators soar free from all their burdens and rise to the beautiful peaks of their minds. It is on such summits of perception that meditators will understand, from their own direct experience, the meaning of what… Continue reading Ajahn Brahm – Birds never carry suitcases…..

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Anatta – Non-Self – Ajahn Brahm

'The Buddha's teaching on anatta (non-self) is deep and profound because it challenges something very basic to our assumptions about life. The Buddha talked about avijja (delusion) being the root cause of all problems, of all rebirths, the root cause of defilements. He explained what avijja is through the teaching of the vipallasas (the perversions… Continue reading Anatta – Non-Self – Ajahn Brahm