In the midst of the world of things……

In the midst of the world of things.

Let go into the unmoving.

My favourite Koy.jpg

Repeat this to yourself- paying full attention to your breath, and see if your awareness isn’t sparkling………………..

Breathing in “In the midst of (the world of) things”

breathing out – “Find the continuity ” (inside yourself….. wrapping around yourself)

(or use another word which resonates with you: unbroken, or unmoving, or peace)


Looking into the “fabric” of the things around you.

Our awareness … the fabric of what we see either IS part of the whole, or it IS NOT!

If it is, we are all active participants in this! Experience it……

Staying in NOW….. IS experiencing this being a part of the Whole.

There is no membership fee!

This is not a trick, it is simply the birthright of all humans.

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