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The Beginning and Ending of Suffering

“This moment” and “I” have an issue.


Witness: This moment is perfect, just as it is.


Commentary: The beginning of struggle and suffering is when the “I” separates from “this moment the way it is”, and wants something “other than the way it is”.

This is a misunderstanding which i have had all my life. Thinking that this separate “I” is a good thing, thinking that it is something lofty…. the “self aware individual” as the pinnacle of creation. Thinking that the “feelings” this individual was having were somehow important, thinking that the “thoughts” this individual was thinking, were somehow impressive.

Not realizing that, all along, it was the thoughts of the universe rising and falling… that it was the feelings of the universe, rising, then falling away….

When the “I” has a problem with this rising and falling away…. thinking that somehow “I could do that better”, thinking, “I wish this circumstance were not so”, thinking, “I think I can change this into something better”, this is the beginning of suffering.

The end of suffering, is when each moment, each passing moment, is accepted exactly as it is, that “my” responses are “witnessed” and “accepted” exactly as they are.

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