Lifes Dharma

Dharma 102 – Daily Practice

“The “I” of the Ego is the “I” in Inertia!”

This is a first attempt at a The Dharma Way – in the form of a list of daily practices.

These are so simple, that it might seem humorous, but freedom is at the other side of this door……

1.) Recognize the force of inertia on your life, and make a commitment to find a solution.

2.) Start every day with some practice of “gathering of the mind”.

  • pay attention to the forces which are creating a scattering of the mind.

– This mind scattering is your undoing, every moment, every day of your life.

3.) Begin to utilize some form of honest soul searching, to root out the sources of your mind scattering.

  • Self Inquiry has been the method which finally helped me to “de-construct”  the    storylines of my life, which were swirling around in my head, and held me in a state of scatteredness and inertia.
  • There is no room for blame here, all guilt and blame needs to go in the garbage basket. These things scatter you!
  • Let go of your personal history. Yes, it is possible to let go of these things… they scatter you!

4.) Realize that there is no solidity to your feelings and emotions about ANYTHING.

  • Everything is changeable, and is changing every moment in your life.
  • Inertia convinces us that we are stuck, that there is no way out.
  • THERE IS A WAY TO FLOW IN THE FORCE OF INERTIA. (Great Faith) Don’t give up!!!

5.) Be diligent in your “personal research” IT WILL PAY OFF.

6.) Don’t go off on rabbit trails.

  • Find a method that works, and realize that your “Scatteredness”, otherwise known as your “I”, wants to spin out of control.
  • Your “I” wants to hold its independence. But it is a ghost, and there is no independence for ghosts!

7.) Get Exercise every day!

  • Loosening up the body loosens the grip of inertia over you.
  • The “I” uses the body to control you.

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