Contemplations · DIfferent Nonsense - Different Day

November 8 2017


Life damages us because we let it “hit us”….. in realizing that the pure drop of water is not affected by “content”, we can watch every moment…. repeating: “This moment is perfect, this moment is peace” ….. this can be practiced, and helps us to be “pulled” by it, towards perfect peace, while we practice (push from behind like a farmer pushing a stubborn donkey) to peel the layers of callousness away to see that our state from the beginning, has always been perfect peace. We COULD say that the human spirit never gets corrupted by what it experiences in this universe, but that would do two unwishable things. First, it would give the incorrect sense that the spirit and material things are not of one substance, and second, it would give the sense to some that there is nothing to do to awaken to the original existence.


Uncle Bucky

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