Assumptions vs. Belief

First, I would like to suggest substituting the word “assumptions” for the word belief.
It seems it carries the same basic meaning, but the word belief seems to be very emotionally charged…..

Does it seem reasonable to use the word assumptions in discussing what we believe?
For example, one could say something about believing in eternal truth, but could we instead say “my assumption that there is eternal truth”?


Being Born a “blank slate” and the process of building a set of assumptions

So, just so anyone reading this is clear, I have the following assumptions, which I hold lightly, awaiting further clarification or proven otherwise.

Would really like to get feedback on this….

1. We begin as a clean (natural) sheet of paper… which means:
We are born with installed DNA.
We are planted in our Place in Time
We are born in a Place in Space, in a Family, in an Environment.

We are born free of “assumptions”, other than our instincts?? (Don’t think we want to get into the subject of instincts in this thread, but hopefully we can assume together that our born instincts are simply “natural”)

We begin to build assumptions based on what we bump into.
Our assumptions build and change based on our experience and learning.

We learn to operate from our assumptions… based on our assumptions…. whether they are assumptions about fire being hot, or that our parents are someone we can trust or not, or what we are taught at school, by our friends, and in our church……

At some point, we decide…. and then continue to decide through our life, what of those assumptions will be important to us…. what will be our priorities…..

It is interesting, realizing that as we get older, our assumptions get the best of us….. we have had “alot” of experience, and have ample reason to believe that our assumptions are “true” or not…….

But could our many assumptions (opinions, beliefs, automatic responses) be choking us?

It doesn’t seem that there is a “self-cleaning” mode for human assumptions…. no automatic cleaning of old outdated assumptions……

Just suggesting that a lot of the assumptions we made when we were youngsters (many have hardened into attitudes we have about the world around us) are still hanging around in our sub-conscious… how do we rid ourselves of these, many times self-defeating assumptions? (i am just suggesting that a lot of the things which pop up in our minds that pull us off our game, are “cleanable”.

I do NOT go with the idea that our self-defeating actions are due to sin……

I am talking about this self-cleaning,  because I have seen some of my self-defeating assumptions get cleaned up….. just vanish…. There were a few times when I was younger that suddenly an attitude just changed… couldn’t figure out why… because the method I had been taught was totally up to God doing something for me… the pathetic sinful one…

Instead, this process seems to be a lot more like “Well, you messed up your room, so you clean it up”…..

I see these assumptions we have made about the world, as gradually building up (and clogging up) , and becoming a tangled mess of fixed attitudes and opinions. So, whereas I was quite free when I was young, as I got older, it seemed like life was slowly closing in on me, and my options were becoming more and more limited.

So this line of thought says that I have done that to myself……

Now I see that this was all my mess of opinions, attitudes and assumptions about myself, my relationship to the world, my options, and generally, my “stuckness” in all those fixed parameters……

So then, the question arises, how do I extricate myself from this mess I have made?

And it is QUITE a mess, isn’t it.. if one is to be honest with oneself…..


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