Psychotherapy · Self Inquiry

Assumptions – Part 2

So….. assumptions…..

Well, I guess you know that a lot of the “assumptions” I have are based on my own “self-discovery research”, and on watching the world around me….. 

Regarding the christian point of view towards assumptions or beliefs,  I would rather find spiritual truths from the bible based on my experience, than do the “standing on the promises” thing … each of us has our own Point of View Universe… and no one else can truly enter it but ourselves……

So, I am thinking that we are born natural….. no good no evil…. perhaps if we are defining selfishness as “bad”, then we have a propensity towards selfishness…. guess that could be called “the urge to survive”…. or maybe even survival of the fittest…. (that is supposed to be a funny comment)

Of course we are voicing personal opinions here….. It seems too convenient that the Catholics canonized the idea that we are born evil….. the only supporting text that I have ever heard is “in sin did my mother conceive me”…… and I don’ t think that is a really great basis for something this important.
First, the concept of the fall of man has so many issues…. and then if a person throws in the struggle between creationist views and evolutionist views, there seems no way to even discuss it….
Second, equating selfishness with sinfulness has a big problem, as selfishness really grows out of our being biological “creatures” and we hardly have a choice there, do we?….
So I think children are born purely natural….. which has selfishness built in….. that would be our DNA, right? So did selfish DNA get developed after the fall????? TO me, the problematic concept of a “fall of man” just starts to roll downhill from there…..
If we are just born natural, then it would be the assumptions we begin to make as we start our life and grow, that get us into a good situation or into trouble…… for example, look how free and unfettered kids are…. they are not burdened down with a bunch of views on life…..
But they do want to be noticed, and paid attention to…. they have natural needs….. I am hazarding to say that it is in not receiving what they need which begins “dysfunction” in the way they look at the world…..
Brad Burns, I agree with your comment that we need to admit our shortfalls…. and I am leaning towards using the words “functional” and “dysfunctional” regarding our psychological health…. so we are born natural, and then the assumptions we make about the world around us “bend” us towards functional or dysfunctional, and really we all know we are both….
I have been finding more and more that assumptions are imprisoning, and that experience is so NOW oriented (where else can we be but NOW?), that just living in NOW is all I need….. So I am almost equating assumptions with dysfunction…Not that all assumptions are dysfunctional, but that all my dysfunctions are due to my assumptions (many made when I was very young)…. and letting the assumptions go…. really letting them go, is the beginning of freedom.

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