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Upon Receiving My Rakusu

  • When we trust our original nature to not trick us. We can relax, we can trust, we can Just Sit.
  • If we think that there is evil in the universe, we cannot relax, we cannot trust. Just Sitting is a struggle. There is resistance.
  • Jump into that sense of evil, and see if it does not vaporize under your gaze! Bodhi Swaha!
  •  If we are afraid that we might be tricked, we can’t really let go and relax.
  • Confront your illusions, and see if they do not vaporize!
  • First, we realize that Buddha nature in human beings gets mentally coated over with the assumptions the “point-form-me” gathers and carries, and that this is called illusion.
  • Second, we realize that it is the “point-form-me” which is hanging on to these illusions…. now just have to figure out how to drop them!
    Confront your illusions, and see if they do not vaporize!
  • Befriend your scared inner children, and they will REALIZE there is nothing to fear, so they can put away their swords, bows and arrows, shields, spears.
    Their fear has covered over your inner quiet, creating an environment of scattered and confused mind. One by one, coax them home…. be the good shepherd, going out to bring the scattered lambs home. Then they can come sit with you. Then you can Just Sit.
  • The road to Just Sitting is the dissolving of scatteredness, and letting the natural quiet flow freely.
  • The scatteredness is an illusion created by our scared children.
  • We realize that the coating over with assumptions is not real, but only exists in the human mind, and in fact is a part of the coating which is the universe. Solidity and Time are part of the coating which is the physical universe. The 3D mesh!
  • Just Sitting is being-in-the-junction-of-buddha-nature-and-the-universe’s-now. Ride the Wave! Be the Bead Moment! Be the head of the thread sewing the rakusu!
  • This universe’s coating is eyes-seeing-objects, and ears-hearing-sounds, and nose-smelling-smells, and tongue-tasting tastes, and body-feeling-feelings, and mind-thinking-thoughts, and all the assumptions which arise from this. Drop the assumptions, stay in the clean moment!
  • If we realize there is ONLY Buddha nature, then we can relax and trust.
  • We realize there is truly nowhere but NOW…. JUST SITTING…. JUST DOING.
  • We must realize that any tension in the body is due to doubt, fear, and habitual “pushing” to get something or attain something.
  • So our practice, as i understand it presently, on and off the cushion is to drop assumptions as soon as they become evident, drop tension as soon as it becomes evident, unbrokenly be the head of the thread sewing the rakusu!

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