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Theory of Everything – What if….

  • WHAT IF…….
  • What if there is simply one original essence, from which all things come into existence.
  • What if that original essence is pre-nature or ante-nature, rather than super-natural?
  • What if that original essence includes everything we see in nature, in a type of stemcell format: complete plan, blueprint, timetable, etc., for the building of all things.
  • What if that original essence is awareness, or includes consciousness or awareness.
  • What if that original essence is the essence we conceive of as “God”. (most of the adjectives we attribute to “God” could be the same: omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent)
  • What if that original essence is simultaneously pre-nature, its constant outgrowth: nature, along with post-nature… in constant motion…
  • What if that original essence were constantly and simultaneously looping through that cycle of “pre-nature, existence, post-nature”.
  • What if the “pre-nature” model of the stemcell which we see in most living things, is a model which gives us a peek into the basic, yet constant workings of that original essence: (i.e. The DNA structure preceding the actual body beginning to form, then forming its “body” perfectly out of that blueprint.)
  • What if that pre-nature essence is a “totipotent” (the parent essence of the universe) storage vault for everything which we see in nature, (like the pre-existent universe in a bottle)… just as the totipotent stemcell is the storage vault for everything a human body becomes.
  • What if the totipotent stemcell has the built-in ability to make copies of itself, which have a “super-positioning” ability.
  • Would the universe be one stemcell super-positioned in zillions of locations and forms?
  • Would all those zillions of locations and forms be the original essence experiencing itself?
  • What if the original essence’ purposes are unknown to humans.
  • What if humans are meant to simply participate in this cycle, just as leaves on a tree.
  • What if the special place humans have, is that through their “sense apex”, they can participate consciously in the process, yet, like the leaf, when their duration is done, they fall to the ground, to become nutrients for the original essences ongoing cycle.
  • What then, if everything humans make of themselves, is whatever they want to do in this life’s duration.
  • What if all the rules humans make in society, are simply “how to get along with each other”….. a huge social experiment….. millions of Shiva’s living together….
  • Barring many other elements, and “how it happened” or “Why it happened”, or the science of it, can this model explain the essence of everything?

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