Brain – Nootropics

This is the ingredients for a stimulating drink in the morning.

Green Tea Extract – 170 mg

Rhodiola Roseum – 105 mg

Spinach Powder – 50 mg

Vitamin C – 50 mg

(Original ingredients called for 25 mg of cherry Vitamin C)

Mix in warm water (1/2 glass)

Suggest taking it once in the morning, 30 minutes before eating, and once at lunch time as well. (We found once a day is enough….)

We felt good the first day, and buzzed the second day, and good again on the third day.
We also found that it made us feel less hungry, and easier to be full…..

Suggestions are to take this for 3 weeks then rest for 1 week, if there seems to be a built up tolerance to this drink.

They say a person may take a week to feel the benefits……..

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