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Chakras – The Sacral Chakra

This is an interesting article from a prajna healing point of view, regarding how energy from the Sacral Chakra (pelvic area) can be transmuted into Brahmacharya which means “one who practices union with the Universal Supreme God”……. (as I suppose the other chakras are also contributors)

This type of concept is almost universal throughout the religious world. Sublimation and other terms are used to define the concept that retaining sexual energy can help one’s focus in study, research, work etc.

It is quite the different perspective from simply controlling ones physical urges.

Although my own personal perspective is from the viewpoint of “there are no good or evil things, only good and evil uses”, and as such, everything has its place, and to suppress something is only asking for trouble, this physical attribute of harnessing “inner strength” by using the bodies energies is very interesting to me.

On a side note, the concept of joriki, which is a Japanese term for the buildup of inner strength which happens when a persons zazen practice progresses, has been experienced by me at times …. when the question was asked of a teacher, the answer was usually silence…….. so it is still something i would like to explore.

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