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Reality – Pure and Simple

Note: Let’s learn to keep it pure and simple. Strip off the layers of assumptions and beliefs which cover over the pure and simple reality we live in and are a part of.
The processes at work in the human brain, which “individuate” us and make us unique individuals, have their place, but they are also the processes which can take the brain spinning off into space. If we do not learn to use the brain properly, as we get older those processes can take over, and spins us away from simple “being in the moment”.

That being said,

Here is what i wrote on my Facebook pages yesterday, that got hacked by someone.. a Karl Yugen. It was a bit frayed around the edges, but i am going to try to tweak it over here …………..


It starts with a simple question……. Do you think that the universe is an outgrowth of something?
Is it all just by chance… chaotic at its base, or is a system evident? i am asking the question simply based on the evidence we understand by science to this point in human history, disregarding for the moment, any supernatural or superstitious considerations…… (i.e. “outside or apart from nature”)

We see bee colonies and ant colonies, seeming to have a larger connection than what we can see or test with current methods. To look at an ant colony, underground, and the intricacy of work done by ants together as a group, (Without any survey equipment by the way) is it so hard to imagine that there is something tying it together? I have heard scientists say that if there were no “stickiness” in the universe, everything would simply fly apart…. for myself, this itself implies “system” at the base or informing the base of everything.

Scientists are already needing something like “dark matter” and “dark energy” to fill the gaps in their “theory equationds”…. something which can make their numbers add up as to why the universe does not fly apart.

So yes, there seem to be no visible connections between things, but the systems seem to be evident.

i am suggesting that we as individuals place our descriptions, beliefs and practices, which we place as a layer on top of this pure system, giving it names and attributes, off to the side for this dialogue time….. of course it is our prerogative… our right…. to hold these opinions….. but recognizing that there is something deeper at work, and not fixating on our personal definitions, gives us as humans with differing perspetives, a chance to dialogue, instead of fighting and killing each other over differences in beliefs……

So here is my personal suggestion:

If we consider as some say that “there is no magic, there is only science we don’t understand yet”…..
and being as science hasn’t yet found some sort of “controlling system”, and even the parts making up the universe have not really been defined clearly……..
I think this gives us the “space”…. as humans in the universe, to speculate on “what it all means”.

Science, by definition, is not (supposed to be) in the business of “meaning”, but rather of asking a question, doing research, forming a hypothesis, setting up experiments to test the hypothesis, analyzing and drawing conclusions……

Image result for scientific process

So. i would like to speculate on the system they may find beyond and behind what we understand now.

This isn’t a new speculation, but perhaps has bit of a different perspective…….

What if the overarching system of everything we see, is of the “brain” type?….

Lord knows, the universe builds many, many systems in the “model” of this human brain “Type”, and it is the universe which fashioned the human brain, evolutionary step by evolutionary step.
What if the whole universe is connected by some type of neuron factors, as yet invisible to our current science….. in some sort of infinite system….. (which really, it seems to act in this way, without us understanding why)

Looking back at the ant colony, there definitely seems to be an unseen system pulling the colony together to create their “world”. There is really no other viable explanation at this point… except for “instinct”. And perhaps it is our human instincts which tell us that there is an overarching system…… not far-fetched in my limited mind…. 🙂

There are, however roadblocks to this way of thinking.

One is that currently,  scientists cannot get over  their problem and phobia of  “but if i admit there is a system, then the danged religious folks will come running saying its God” and i hate it when they do that, and they force me into an atheistic position by doing so….

The second, and partnering issue quite frankly, is the religious folks who refuse to stop assuming that they know all about the system, and have some sort of “special revelation”….setting up a “proof text lifestyle” from their sacred books.

These two elements, among others, bring any dialogue they might have had to a screaming halt.

Science stands on one side, defiantly rejecting an overarching system in the universe, preferring rather to see the base as chaotic, and the book based religions defiantly rejecting proven studies on any issues which run counter to what their sacred texts have been interpreted to mean.

But if there were to be dialogue emerge from these two sides setting down their defiant opinions, we might find ways to test and see if there is a system such as is being speculating on here.

What does seem to be evident from science, is that the forces of the universe seem to be completely amoral (that means it doesn’t care about good or bad morals)
I say this not as some sort of iconoclastic bomb, but rather based on what is built by the system which we can see….everything from dinosaurs that ate anything they could sink their teeth into, to rattlesnakes with poisonous fangs, to tasty fruit like oranges, to beautiful birds, colorful algae….. to humans and so on)

I am also stating that the forces of the universe which we can see, give us clues into “how the overarching system functions.

But when we get caught up in the idea that “that which man feels is important, is also what must be important to the forces which placed us here”, then we must by necessity, formulate some “Great Force” who thinks like a human.

It is understandable why our forefathers began thinking this way. Here they were, in a dangerous yet beautiful world, with no visible answers to “why am i here?” Fear gripped them, and they needed to create some form of security…… but there were others who dug into the fabric of their minds and found what they were looking for……

If we simply consider that humans need a code to live together in societies (like ants do), is that not enough to keep us from all killing each other?

It is extremely frightening for humans to let go of the manlike God they have created, and they have set up language in their sacred books to bring hellfire down on anyone who considers it…….

But letting go of this limited idol we have created, and jumping into the river of Reality, is exactly what we need to do.

If we realize that the Ten Commandments were mostly set up as standards of human society, and that they grew from the minds of “humans participating in Reality”, we see that we were right in the first place, but made some serious errors in judgement as to the “WHY” of it.

So, as we might see that the code we have developed in living together was of our own making, and realizing that this code is NOT cast in stone, but growing along with our awareness…. then as revolutions in our thinking about our place in this world, and revolutions in politics and sexuality appear, we can meet them with a sense of growth, and not with a sense of fear, that change is somehow destroying what God told us in no uncertain terms we must do, or face eternal hellfire.

well that is my personal take on it.

And this DNA body/mind i have found myself, i have chosen to wear the clothes of Soto Zen Buddhism…….. as since Adam, we know we are naked….. i feel that this way of thinking is as pure and simple as i have found anywhere. And i sense we need a pure and simple path forward into the unknown……

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