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Watch what your mind is doing

i have spent some serious time, as i am certain many do, watching this thing called “my mind”.

i am thinking that this may be the most important time we spend in our lives, watching what the mind is doing, and learning what is happening, and how to “use our faculties” instead of having “our faculties use us” …..

I do believe i have come on to something.

I am wondering if the onset of dementia in later years, might be one of the normal processes in the brain which can either learn to run rampant, and “take over” as a rogue system, or can be used by the “greater me” or “the king” or the “person in control“

Note: This “person in control” is difficult to explain, as language doesn’t tend to differentiate this subject correctly…. so this “person in control” can only be described, and it is our responsibility as individuals to “find this perfect pearl and learn to ultilize it”.

It is also our responsibility as individuals, in our dealing with the monkey mind (our inner children)
…. to …………..
1.) seek it out
2.) Find it
3.) Struggle with it (and when we find that doesn’t work…. )
4.) Become intimate friends with it
5.) Accept it completely,
6.) Give it unconditional freedom then watch it.

(Seek and ye shall find) – is Jesus saying here that he guarantees this will happen, because we are all part of the process, and this is how the process works, pure and simple? No wonder he made friends with Zaccheus, he knew there were no prerequisites to being part of the kingdom, as there is nothing which IS NOT a part of the kingdom. But that teachers like the Pharisees created “conditions of acceptance” when there are none.

This “person in control” is like a perfect parent (or fair judge), for the monkey children of the mind, treating them fairly, respectfully, and giving them space to frolic and be happy….. and doing this by being “soft while strong”,”diligent”, watchful” and “free of emotional reactions”

Other terms i was considering were: ” peace mind”, “silent witness”, sitting in “first position”, and this fair judge would be utilizing the “spinning mind” (monkey mind) as a system of “thought”, i.e. watching it but not making it frustrated ?

Note: in my experience, this frame of mind can only learned through an awareness brought through pure practices like zazen)

So this led to this thought:

Does the monkey mind, which gets more and more crazy as we try to control it, become rogue, and in its frustration, take more and more control over the brains systems as we get older? (the mad mind never halts – Xu Yun) It doesn’t really matter what form the “object of the monkey mind’s fixations” is or takes, neither does it matter what methods we use to try to stop it, if it is pissed off, it will retaliate like a squirmy child who is forced to sit still. In this way, with time, it can become the many headed hydra, growing two heads where each one was cut off…. growing ever more and more dangerous….

Dreams are in a way, showing what the monkey mind is doing……. jumping and dancing… taking parts of one story and mixing them together with other stories…… spinning stories…..

So lets make a list of the “peace” mind attributes:

quiet, calm, ready for anything, not getting clogged up, … flowing, open, aware in the present, so… generally, not getting stuck

Now lets make a list of the “monkey” mind attributes:

rushing to and fro, look at this look at that, any current fixation grabs the total focus, gets stuck, gets angry, forms emotional reactions, takes offence, then forms payback scenarios, gets jealous, gets frustrated, all forms of getting stuck to situations.

So I am going to make this hypothesis….

If we practice some form of pure awareness practice, this can grow and become the “fair judge” presiding over the various monkey mind states, treating them fairly as its children, and as we get older, those monkey mind processes are happy, and do not go rogue and try to mutiny into dementia.

So how does this translate into each moment practice?

Always be coming back to this moment, open, “empty”, letting go of clinging mind, being aware of THIS breath, being aware of our “sense world”. When the monkey mind wants to play, give it space, watch it, learn from it, and continue this in a loop…. don’t let the monkey mind steal your moment… be in the moment with WHATEVER its contents are….. stay in the “head of the moment”, not getting lost in the “tail of the moment”.

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