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Shikantaza & Zazen – Videos by Jundo Cohen – Roshi of Treeleaf Zendo

Introductory Videos about Shikantaza & Zazen

We are all Beginners

1 – Mind as a Noisy Kitchen Blender

2 – Oww! It feels so good when we stop hitting ourselves- Putting the hammer down
(uniting the two perspectives of thinking and not-thinking)

3 – Basic Instructions of zazen – featuring a “full figured Zen guy” 🙂
 THE POSTURE OF MEDITATION” (by Will Johnson) – Link to zazen posture –

4 – Chasing our Tail – ( It’s been here all along)

The practice of Shikantaza is a form of “radical goal-less-ness”, a radical dropping of all seeking and searching for attainments. And then we find that, dropping of all attainments is the greatest attainment of all. Dropping the search is finding what we have been looking for” – Jundo Cohen Roshi

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