Bagpipes and Pipe Bands · Music - to stir the soul!

Bagpipes, Pipe Bands

Why do i have bagpipes and Pipebands here? Because i love bagpipes…. so for those who do as well… some great Pipeband videos.



Donald McLeod. one of the greatest pipers of all time plays a couple of hornpipes: The Irish Washerwife and PM George Allen. He came to Canada and taught at the Saskatchewan Bagpipe Summer School. I had the pleasure to attend that school the last year that Donald McLeod  attended. He was my bagpipe teacher, Barry McMurdo’s teacher.

Donal McLeod playing Piobaireachd – the classical music of bagpipes. It is said that without this classical, unique music style of the highland bagpipes, they may well have been lost in the years after the Prince Charlie uprising, and the English ban on bagpipes and the wearing of kilts.

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