Original Mind · Theravada Buddhism

The Primal Heart has no characteristics – Ajahn Fuang Jotiko

“Whatever you experience, simply be aware of it.
You don’t have to take after it. The primal heart has no
characteristics. It’s aware of everything. But as soon as
things make contact, within or without, they cause a
lapse in mindfulness, so that we let go of awareness,
forget awareness in and of itself, and take on all the
characteristics of the things that come later. Then we
act out in line with them–becoming happy, sad or
whatever. The reason we’re this way is because we take
conventional truths and latch on to them tight. If we
don’t want to be under their influence, we’ll have to
stay with primal awareness at all times. This requires a
great deal of mindfulness.”

Chapter: Right at Awareness. Compiled and Translated by Thanissaro Bhikku.

Posted by Salomao Chaibe


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