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The Ocean of Infinity

The ocean
a drop of water
on a rock
that drop of water on that rock
surface tension
or it would not “be”
it would roll back into the ocean
Likewise the Infinity Ocean
a “me”
in “a place and time”
inside itself
that “me” in “that place and time”
“DNA” tension
or it would not “be”
that “me” would roll back into
The Infinity of “no place or time”.
That “me”
sticks together
due to that “DNA” tension
It (mis)takes that definition
as its true form
The senses in “my” DNA form,
Gather sense data busily
The data is stored
in “my DNA brain”
That data forms “my” definition of “me”
That data forms “my” definition of “everything”.
When the ocean of Infinity
that “me”
and “my DNA brain”
it is absorbed back into the Ocean of Infinity
Is there a “me” there in the Ocean of Infinity?
Not in a distinguishable form.
Is there a “me” on the rock?
Temporarily, yes… but it is a surface tension illusion……

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