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True Nature – like Fibre-Optics – Part 2

In some circumstances, it is very difficult, to walk the tightrope of caring, wanting to help, and protecting our own sanity…..

“Caring is not Carrying” has been a short saying which has helped me to walk that tightrope… actually seems more like a wide bridge now… 🙂
We care about things, but that does not mean we need to carry them as emotional baggage.

How do we do that?

i really like Thich Nhat Hanh’s concept of “staying in the peace spot”…. not letting circumstances pull you out of that place.

This might seem selfish (and i think that is the root of our conundrum) but in my mind, this is a misunderstanding of “me” and “my relationship to the world”… which also translates into “humans relationship to the world, and to each other”.
The best visualization i have found to date, is a fibre-optics “light”.


In this visualization, the “Source” of everything is like the light at the center. We (our human sense apex) are like the little lights out at the outer end of the fibre-optics lines… The thing about a fibre-optics system, is that whatever “picture” goes into each fibre-optics line at the source end, is the same picture which comes out the outer end…..

So, the “outer ends” of the fibre-optics lines can shine with the intensity of the source(and same color etc).

But each outer end “me” is located in a “point of view” location (out on the far end of the line, so to speak). Each would “see” things from its perspective….. it can also see the other “line ends” around it, and they all seem separate from itself. Yet all are a part of a larger system.

In this visualization, there is no “best” POV’s, and no “right” POV’s, and no “wrong” POV’s there are just a whole bunch of POV fibre-optics line-ends.

Also, (IMHO) what happens out at the POV locations, is not of any consequence to the source (nothing at the outer end of the lines “impacts” the source end) …… so in my mind, this translates into the source not having any expectations of these POV’s (one of which is me) .

i believe this is because these POV’s are just temporary things {in our case one lifetime long) and when the line “finishes” its lifetime, it simply “melts back into” the source.

What does this mean then? How does it translate into “how do i live life”?

First, it means that each POV “me” is a part of a larger system.

Second, the system only needs each “me” to do our job…. like the bee hive needs the worker bee to do its work in order for the system to function properly. That is why there is a hive, and there are bees doing stuff….. (but humans lose their way, because they get out of touch with their instincts of what they should be doing! This happens because we become “self-aware. But we can use our self-awareness to go beyond instincts, bringing thought and instincts into a unity…. )

Third, each POV “bee” must a.) take are of itself b.) do its job.
There is no room for the worker bee to recriminate itself for not doing its job…. as Shunryu Suzuki said “Just Do It”! But we as human beings, don’t like to be told what to do…. so we react negatively to this…. 🙂

Fourth, i do not believe that the human form is made to “carry emotional baggage”. So i drop all baggage asap….. caring is not carrying, right? (no room for emotional carrying of shit!!!!!) We must learn to stay centered, while doing what we can to help……..

Fifth, all humans are connected (a part of) the source. Like the fibre-optics light, all the system is connected…. in fact, we ARE “the source in a temporary POV point form”

so thus ends this analogy to date…… 🙂

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