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“I” “Me” My” – Self-Defensiveness

Today, i am noting the subject of how “i” deal with “my emotional reactions” to others. Watching my own self-defensiveness in a situation is a great litmus test for whether or not the “small me” is being dealt with (it is a sneaky little bugger, which pops out at the most interesting times!). From what i have experienced, compassion and self defensiveness is like a toggle switch…. if one is toggled “on”, the other is “off”. When “i” am being busy with “me”, there is no time for “compassion”, and vice versa…. If some “me” is getting poked by an “other”, it means there is a “me” being active there…. feeling poked.

So many issues in the world now, are simply one persons, or one groups emotional reaction to their “self” being slighted, or hurt emotionally, or not being accepted, or being minimized (include all “phobias” here)…… in “my” case, it shows the “me” very clearly is taking offense….. so taking offense makes my spidey sense go off……. has nothing to do with the “offender”……. each emotional reaction, each instance of feeling offended is “MY” issue and needs to be worked on …… when we need to stand up for others being offended, well…. i just act… (haven’t figured that one out yet 🙂 ) #workingonit

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