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Life – a series of breaths

From the moment we had our ass spanked, and we started breathing, our “life” is one breath in – one breath out, a constant stream of breaths, until the day we take our last breath and expire. (Yes, that seems too short, doesn’t it….?)
Our “ life string” (a clear droplet of Infinity) enters this world with that first breath, and exits this world on our last breath, when this body expires from this physical world. Every living breathing thing in this universe is the same on this point.

Our life and our physical existence IS this string of breaths, how ever long it might last.
If we can imagine each of those breaths being like a clear drop of water…. we can see that each of those “drops of water/moments/breaths” has a full story reflected on its surface.
Like a snapshot of that moment…. with all the color and drama, and circumstances in its reflection….
As we move from one “drop of water/moment/breath” to the next, the snapshot reflection or the “reflected contents” on its surface constantly changes. That is the contents of our life….. our life story. Our life story in momentary snapshots……
While the contents of these snapshots changes and changes, that clear “droplet of water/moment/breath” remains constant…… in a sense untouched by the drama of each moment……. In this sense, the breath IS Infinity expressing itself in our individual reality, untouched by those snapshot reflections.
From this, we might see clearly, that the “continuity” in our life is “like” the breath. The breath does not carry the reflections from other breaths, it is totally and completely “of this moment”, or “of this breath”, yet flowing. (But if the mind becomes fixated on any one of these snapshots, we experience stuckness and suffering)
While our thoughts, our hopes, our disappointments, our excitements, our life story, moves by in those reflections, our breath is continuous, from our first to our last breath.
When we stay “centered in the breath”, we can realize the free and flowing nature of our “one breath in, one breath out” existence.
When we allow the mind to become fixated on one moments snapshot, or if we become more and more frustrated with the contents of those snapshots, we will experience a life full of frustration, stuck in a moment in time…… which has already passed….. this is the illusion the mind creates and the prison it imprisons us in.
We decide, moment by moment, breath by breath, to be fixated, or flowing with our breath.
It is really just that simple…. each moment….

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