How We See the World · Jundo Cohen - Treeleaf Zendo

On Fixing, knowing there is Nothing to Fix

In our Zen way, one can seek and not seek at once, work to fix and improve all while realizing that there is nothing in need of fixing and improving and never was. Both ways at once as one. It has to do with the Absolute and relative perspectives (non-perspectives) in Mahayana Buddhism. So, one can climb a mountain, up up up, while also realizing that each step of the walk is itself the mountain through and through, each step its own total arrival, with no other place to go. So, for example, go on that diet because being overweight is bad for your health, but at the same time realize that fat or thin, the whole universe pours into fat or thin you as one jewel of Indra’s Net.

  • Jundo Cohen ROshi

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