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The Basics of “Universal Stemcell” theory

“Aware Biology”

  i know that we all call “the source of all things” different names, and suggest different characteristics…. but for myself, this just shows how this “intelligence”, although i like to call it “awareness”, is “built in” to this world of things, and pre-exists it…… …… and because it “precedes” the actual things “being”, it is very much similar in characteristic to what they call “totipotency” in stemcell research…….. In the human stemcell, totipotency is the “character” of the original zygote…. it can divide into ANY human cell, while later, the stemcells become “multipotent”…. building only “their kin” of cell…. (as you wouldn’t want a blood stemcell pumping out skin cells)… then on down to cells, which do not pump out any original “first level” stemcells, they just reproduce and become degraded over time…. thus aging……. i see “infinity” as the “original stemcell”…. so, in this “metaphor”, “aware biology” is the totipotent base of all……. kind of like “god is science, and science is god”……. yikes, that sounds heretical! 🙂 (no problem, bin der dun dat since Aldersgate)…. hehe This is the “universal stemcell theory” which has been cooking in this monkey brain…… for several years now….

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