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Shikantaza – Open Awareness – Jundo Cohen

Jundo Cohen If this is helpful, we have written instructions here, and videos at our Sangha explaining more in detail. PDF (https://sites.google.com/…/TreeleafBasicZazenInstructio…) In a nutshell, one may sit in a stable and balanced way, following the breath or in “open awareness,” one one does not judge or get caught in trains of thought. But most importantly (unfortunately, often left out of explanations of Shikantaza) one sits with the act of sitting itself as total completion, not one other act necessary to do and no other place to go, apart from sitting in this moment. Shikantaza is not a method of attainment, but is the very action which is the attainment of all to be attained in the time of sitting in the action of sitting itself . Thus, it is very different from meditation methods aimed at attaining some state or achievement outside of the moment itself.

Gassho, Jundo Cohen


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