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The Problem of Evil and Are Humans Good or Evil?

The West (actually humans all over the world) has struggled with “The Problem of Evil” for centuries…. even millennium…. all over the world….. the question has been “Is mans nature evil or good?” and the question of “How does Evil exist when God created everything?”(And supposedly, God is only Good… so how the heck did he make something bad?) ……
Here is truly a simple solution (and we all intuitively know this!):

Everything in the physical universe has the potential for good or hurtfulness.
Human beings have the potential for doing good or doing harm.
Humans DNA has selfishness built in….it is not something we chose, it is something the universe gives us to help us survive.
If animals choose to defend themselves, or selfishly take food to nourish themselves, is this considered evil? The truth is so really simple and transparent ……
The Native Americans have been saying it for thousands of years : There are two wolves inside you, and it depends which wolf you feed…… will you do good things or hurtful things?
All human beings have the potential for doing good or harm…. we decide.

And although we don’t always like the consequences, or perhaps the outcome doesn’t suit us, there ARE always consequences……

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