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The Five Skandhas – The Sense Apex

A personal view on the Five Skandhas.


The overall system or “Grand System” seems like a fibre-optics system, with all the fiber ends (representing individual awareness located like a point in space and time) shining the same image as is “sent out” by the light source. What seems like individual consciousness or awareness is simply part of the Grand System……

We are born into this DNA world of birth and death, rising from this Grand System of Infinity. But the Infinity is in all, through all, behind and beyond all, so we live and move and have our being in it. All space and all solid objects are projections or manifestations of Infinity. And we return our DNA body at the end of our lifetime, and our individuated awareness becomes one again with the Oceanic Infinity.

Is there a “rebirth”? Don’t know.

But the catch to all this, is that the DNA world of the five senses grabs us, and covers over our sense of being part of Infinity.

Sense Apex

A combination of the five senses of Eyes-Seeing, Ears-Listening, Nose-Smelling, Mouth-Tasting, Skin-Tactile Feeling, all coming together in an “Apex” in the brain. Add to this, the Memory and Puzzle Solving properties of the Brain (Mind)

This forms the “gathering” and “sorted contents” a human being uses to form a sense of a “myself” or a “being” or “entity”.

This sense of my “entity” forms a layer of illusion….. creating almost like a “knot” in the Great Essence, just like matter sticking together, or like a “chunk” of DNA. These knots are necessary, as the root of the ubiquitous or omnipresent Great Essence is “pre-physical” (or pure potentiality), and needs to make a “stickiness” in order for any physical form (beginning with the proto atomic structure) to “form” something.

But the stickiness of DNA, when viewed by the human senses, seems more real, as all the 5 senses gather “solid world” data. And the Great System of Infinity seems “ethereal”. But in fact, we are ethereal essence, knotted into a DNA solid form. Once we get lost in the DNA world, thinking that it is our real parent, we become lost.


Note about Stickiness:
In my mind, this is the root of the “beginning of the physical universe”. Without “stickiness”, there can be no physicality. It seems this stickiness was formed by oceanic awareness, using proto-electromagnetic forces to create a magnetic “push-pull”. This magnetics, with the positive and negative forces held at a “fixed distance”, creates a “mass”…… this mass needs a “sticky solid” which can be built upon…… it may have been done with some form of centrifugal force, which we seem to see at the base of all universe and planetary motion.



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