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Spinal Chord & Nerves – Sense of Comfort or Discomfort

“The effects of nervous system dysfunction can be caused by several areas of the spine”

Wanna feel better???

Note that I am a guinea pig for all my body research.:) It is an ongoing research……. 🙂 And I am working with a 64 year old body, so I wake up achy. 🙂

I have found that paying attention to the tension and anxiety we carry around in our bodies…  especially the upper portion, and releasing that tension can be very enlightening. (relax, breath quietly and put your focus in your body)
As we release that tension, it can become quite clear as to why we are feeling tired, or achy. (relaxing, letting go of the cause of the tension **, settling into the hara – three fingers below the navel)

90% of my tired, achy, no energy, anxious sensations arise from tension. The other 10% get resolved by breathing properly and drinking some water.

All our FEELINGS are body feelings. I dare say EVERY FEELING (and the reason for feeling that way) is located somewhere in the body.
(I dare say NEVER ask yourself WHY you are feeling upset (results in blaming), just look in your body for tension knots……)

Feeling emotional IS a body condition…… Feeling disappointed results in a body sense.

** If we begin to pay attention to the location of tensions in our body, that tension can help to lead us (if we ask), to the “storyline” which we are telling ourselves, which in turn causes a “knot” somewhere in the body, and the result is a feeling of stress and tension.

Proper Posture is of #1 importance:
“Sit up or stand up straight, pull your chin in and drop your head slightly, ears over the shoulders, nose in line with the navel……. lift the chest slightly…. let the belly relax…….”

Almost all tiredness or anxious attitudes are accompanied by slouching posture.

Remember being told that it is difficult to stay angry if you have a smile on your face? Same story, different storyline……

Below are some diagrams of the spinal chord, and the nerves associated with them, and the potential symptoms related to those areas….. seems to all add up…..


A great diagram of the Vertebra, and the Nerves associated with them, and the potential symptoms related to problems rising from tension or injury in those areas.

C1 – C6 Vertebra – Headaches, Dizziness, Sinus Problems, Allergies, Sore Throat, Stiff Neck, Cough, Hand and Finger Numbness or Tingling….

T1 – T3 Vertebra – Arm Pain, Difficulty Breathing, High Blood Pressure

T4 – T11 Vertebra – Abdominal, Stomach, Gallbladder, Liver


Another great diagram, and website relating to the spine and the nervous system.

“The effects of nervous system dysfunction can be caused by several areas of the spine”


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