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Aristotelian and Buddhist Ethics for our times


Can the ancient philosophies offer any guidance for life in the twenty-first century? Edith Hall (pictured) and Antonia Macaro believe they can. Hall advocates Aristotle’s Way, a path to human flourishing built on evidence-based reason. Macaro also draws on ideas in Buddhism and classical Stoicism, which have strikingly similar ideas about a life of unattachment to worldly goods. In discussion with Julian Baggini, Hall and Macaro will draw out the lessons to be learned as well as asking if there are some out-of-date ideas that need to be ditched. Can and should we pick and mix or do we have to accept or reject Aristotelianism, Buddhism or Stoicism lock, stock and barrel?

More Aristotle:

Click to access 99036947.pdf

Click to access Ethics.pdf

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