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Kaxinawa Indians – Peru


Tha Kazinawa Indians “migrated” from Peru, date unknown. Contacts before 1948 were made but these groups were in semi-permanent villages and were still returning to Peru. Known to themselves as the Huni Kuin (true people), the Kaxinawa tribe straddles a territory between Brazil and Peru in a lush tropical rainforest. The Brazilian territory is known as the State of the Acre, which is found in the valleys of the Purus and Jurua rivers. In Peru, they are found along the river Curanja. The State of the Acre is land set aside to share between three other tribes, the Ashaninka, the Shanenawa, and the Madija. They are a people who place a high value on their extensive family structures while the shaman and the tribal leader share the guidance of the community. They are blessed with a rich diversity in material resources, with which they create an abundance of goods decorated with patterns that are sacred to their people.

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