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Quantum Monism – Aha!!

” As such, quantum monism has the potential to save the soul of science: the conviction that there is a unique, comprehensible and fundamental reality.”

Quantum Monism seems to be some scientists method of saying that there is an underlying system to the universe(s??) The struggle of western science with admitting an underlying system, is truly only due to the creationist folks, (who take any sign of a “designer” as proof of an anthropomorphic “God”, and then kidnap scientific information for their own ends), that science has become so paranoid about admitting that a “system” factor needs to be included in all research. In fact, given the system which shows itself in the universe as so obvious, it is quite embarrassing that a stance like atheism would need to be taken to hold the separation between science and religion.

Quantum Monism is not theism. Quantum Monism, to this person, is science saying that as opposed to the root of the universe being chaotic, that there seem to be “guiding principles” in the very essence of the universe. It is the religionists who turn those guiding principles into a bearded old man on a throne in the sky….

This truly is from my own perspective only, but the symmetry which rises from the seemingly “dead” subatomic particles in the universe, looks very much like how a human body grows from a stemcell. But science has been so paranoid about admitting to a “blueprint”, that it has allowed a chasm in its research, when it could simply have been an “X” factor in its calculations. This is even more obvious when concepts like “dark matter” and “dark energy” are allowed into their calculations as factors to explain inconsistencies in their calculations, but no admission or allowance of some underlying system is allowed. Seems quite petty to me…… but then i am neither a scientist nor a religionist…….

A very interesting article!!!! ***** (5 stars 🙂 )


“Entanglement is nature‘s way of integrating parts into a whole; individual properties of constituents cease to exist for the benefit of a strongly correlated total system.  “

“It explains why “beauty,” understood as structure, correlation and symmetry among apparently independent realms of nature, isn’t an “ill-conceived aesthetic ideal” but a consequence of nature descending from a single quantum state. “

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