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One Essence, Many Forms

One Essence, Many Forms

For a lot of years, i have not used the word “spirit” and “spiritual” as terms in describing my worldview. The reason for this, is that these terms carry with them the sense of a separate realm from our physical existence. Spirit in one realm, and the physical universe in another realm…..Lately, i have been thinking that perhaps this term might be used, if the understanding of spirit is that it is the base essence of all things.

So here goes:

Our body-form is temporary…
Because of the physical limitations of the physical universe…..
Entropy reigns in this physical universe ……
There is a beginning and and end to our bodies and all physical forms….
Our awareness (and our body-form) arises from spirit-form…
it is built from spirit-form….
and returns to spirit-form after its lifetime…….
never any separation, nor could there be…….

There is no good and bad in the spirit-form….
There is no beginning and no end in the spirit-form….
There are no such delineations there ….
Those delineated definitions only exist in the physical world, and our understanding of it……

And yet the physical world is an outgrowth of the spirit-form…..
So the physical world is a part of the whole enchilada (as Jundo would say 🙂 )
And as this physical world built human beings, how could we simply be seen as a scourge on the planet?

Looked at from this perspective, the body is spirit made flesh……

These statements could be made using many different terms to replace spirit and spirit-form…..

In the final analysis:

One essence with many forms…..

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