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The Struggle towards awakening – Left and Right

Here is an example of the old guard fighting to regain its position of authority in this society….. as with Jordan Peterson, villianizing the left, and doing their best to legitimize their position……. scare tactics using terminology like civil war etc.

On the one hand, if human society needs clear rules in order for humans to live and function together, the old guard has a very legitimate point. But what should that “clear set of rules” incorporate? If it is focused on rights and freedom to do as we please, it would seem we will be forever stepping on each others toes.

On the other hand, it seems the left wishes to erase all boundaries. …..

It seems that the left mistakenly thinks that by erasing all distinctions, folks will regain their sense of individual legitimacy. The problem with this concept is that humans do not just feel isolated because of other folks attitudes towards them, it is because they have attitudes towards themselves, and the sideways glance of a passerby is interpreted to mean something damaging to them. How can this type of need ever be filled in the heart of the one who feels marginalized?

If a person finds true inner legitimacy, the attitude of others does not matter, while if they have no inner sense of legitimacy, no amount of legislated rules will help them.

The point is, that, like “wanting” anything…. as soon as that “thing” is acquired, the hungry mind begins to long for something else…… this is because the real issue of “need” cannot be filled this way.

Social change is a slow process….. and both sides of the struggle are feeling raw, as if their skin had been scrubbed by sandpaper……

The left pushes for change, and they know that activism works in getting legislation changed.

To a large extent, the right complains, and stands by antiquated social rules, not wanting to “budge a little”, and frustrating the left into activism.

And on and on it goes.

When will we realize, that what we are hungry for inside,…. the thing that truly makes us truly whole….. is a true realization and understanding of who we are? Once we are settled on who and what we are, the sideways glances of passersby are no longer threatening… but can be seen as a younger brother or sister who needs some help in accepting others……. perhaps it is because once we truly accept ourselves, we can accept others attitudes towards us without “taking offense”. Until then we are imprisoned by trying to make others see who we are, and the need to gain acceptance and respect.

When will we realize that the utter lack of self-defensiveness Jesus showed in his lifetime, was actually the point of his message?

Know Thyself!

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