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How much of our life is lived in dis-satisfaction?

Here is a list (of things i know personally) which holds us in a tug of war in our human life.
Any of one of them, can give rise to a sense of resistance or dis-satisfaction between what IS and the way we THINK or WISH things would be:

– I want to have something that I do not have (yet?) and I am focused or fixated on getting it…..
– I want to feel something that I am not feeling (at this moment?)
– I have lost something which I needed to have (or get back)
– I need to do something which has not yet been completed (yet)
– I need to do something which I do not want to do…..
– I want to be with someone who I am not with (at this moment) (and I need them in order to feel complete)
– I want to be accepted by someone or some group which I am not being accepted by (at this time)
– I am not meeting the expectations a person, or other persons place on me
– I am not meeting the expectations I place on myself.
– I need to get even with someone how has done me wrong.
– I need the world to be different than it is (at this moment)

These things all arise from a sense of lacking of incompleteness within ourselves……

The tug of war which arises from this is that these things are all important in our lives, but that they create a push-pull…. a loss of center in our life…. a dis-satisfaction… a tension… a pressure….. a resistance.


Many of these life circumstances cannot be resolved simply….. and that sense of a tug of war becomes a long term “catch 22”…… stuckness…..


These things all slowly float away… they pass…. and the fixation or focus we have on them will change or fade away….. when we realize that all these things which we feel are SO important to us in the moment…. while they are in the front of our mind inhabiting such a large space…. will simply float by like clouds in the sky… and then we can set to watching them fade….. this steals their control over our mind…. and our sense of well-being can return. Perhaps our problem as humans is simply that we were focused on those things, instead of being “watchers of now”…..!

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