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Some thoughts on physical activity in the modern world…

Just thinking…….. If we are primarily physical beings in a physical plane (DNA in a material world which operates essentially on Newtonian physics)….. and that we are wired with a brain that operates on quantum principles (a world where our body plane physics does not rule…. i.e. we can fly in our mind to places instantly), then our modern emphasis on the “digital world” (and its similarity to the quantum world) might not be the best way to create a unified human body/mind experience. i think perhaps we see this in the decrease in purely social activities, and the increase in reliance on computerized connections. (video gaming, reliance on cell phones etc)

i am thinking that even things like handwriting, playing musical instruments, handicrafts, even martial arts and sport activities ….. and other physical activities help to keep us grounded inside our dual body/mind nature (and i think this is also shown to have an impact on mental and emotional stability). When we spend too much time in the “digital world”, it perhaps creates more of a separation of our physical nature and our “quantum” type mind (a world where our body plane physics does not rule)

Also, i have been finding that, contrary to most common ideas about Zen meditation, all the years of practice have pulled me more and more into a sort of unified physical experience, and NOT into some “twilight zone” sort of experience. It has made “take time to smell the roses” far more meaningful… and i find that life’s meaning arises more and more from direct experiencing of moment by moment activities…..

But again…. just noting how all this affects “this person”… so imho…..

Uncle Bucky

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