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The Golden Age – Should we look backwards or should we look forwards?

Should we be reaching into the deep past for the human age of purity? Or are we moving towards a time of “better” and “more clarity” in the future? Religions say, look to some time in the past where all was revealed once and for all, while the sciences are saying that we are constantly moving towards this goal in the future. Perhaps the simple answer to this struggle is that we are both aware of our roots in the past, but are also reaching out to the future. Perhaps the issue is that humans need a sense of security, and that we seem to reach inside, and into the past, to find that sense of security….. while we simultaneously reach outside… into the future…. exploring……..

(Or is the problem that we just simply like to take a side, and then argue endlessly?)


Are the “ancient ways of our ancestors” made null by the modern scientific method?
Are we being freed from the tyranny of ancient superstitions, by the correct thinking of the modern scientific method?

Have we lost our way from an ancient wisdom which has been lost and that we need to re-discover and protect at all costs… protecting ancient light from the threat of darkness?
Or are we working towards new ways of seeing, and shedding the old superstitions…. moving from darkness towards light?

All human thinking and philosophy tends to have been developed on one or the other of these “paths”.

There is a common struggle which says:

Either there is something in the deep past which had once and for all revealed “all truth”, and we are gradually straying from it, and that straying should be classed as heresy, and a loss of orthodoxy which should be punishable by “__”…. and that any straying from the original truth which was revealed to us by the person or thing or being we worship, is a moving away from pure towards impure.


There is truth to be uncovered into the future, and we will gradually become more and more correct, throwing off our old outmoded ways of thinking.

One of these ways, is the way of religion, (looking backwards in time) where the “truth” was revealed to us in the deep past, and this “pure truth” must be protected at all costs from any shift away from it. It is also the way of most philosophy.

The other way is the way of science (looking forwards in time), where “facts” are discovered along the path, moving us from the old ways of unfounded superstitions, towards a provable truth, found, tested and proved, in the physical world.

These two ways of thinking in a way, are like a married couple, each moving in different directions, all the while trying to drag their spouse along with them (kicking and screaming). There can never be a good or positive result come out of this type of venture…. only endless struggling, first producing hurt and then endless cycles of angry retribution and blaming. There can only be a sense on the part of both spouses of being rejected, of having their views falling on deaf ears…. of being de-legitimatized by the other spouse, a sense of not being respected by the other spouse, a sense of not being accepted, and then a sense of not receiving what they need from the relationship…….

Looking at this issue this way, several options become clear. Either one way of thinking is right and the other(s) are wrong, or that neither way of thinking is correct.

So, at this point, our topic leads us to our current world situation, where a cry of despair due to our fall into “post-modernism” is being heard…..

This current critique on our current world situation, states that at some point in the past, there was rationalism which said “this is right and that is wrong”, and that post-modernism is saying “no, there can be plural answers to the current questions, and they can all be right or wrong.”

Of course, a muddying of the water….. muddying the differences between right and wrong, will always be met with disagreement, in our world of dualities….. where we “need to either go this way, or go that way”, or “do this or don’t do this”…… and we feel like our hands have been tied…. and conservatives blame liberals, and liberals blame conservatives, and all are blamed by extremists on both sides……

The time has come, where we need to realize, that the answer to this struggle is not to be found inside the system in which we are so frantically searching.

The answer needs to come from “outside the box”.

It seems we are finding, that we live in “the world of our senses” which is full of, and built on the principles of duality, AND, that this world of duality rises, and is built from am underlying oneness.

What does that mean??

If we recognize that we are beings which exist simultaneously in one unified system of:
-This world of duality (our physical plane… the sensory world),
-The world of unity (consciousness and awareness which we are obviously a part of)…….

If we see this…. we might see that the struggle we are experiencing is one of trying to make one set of rules fit in both realms….. so essentially, trying to take round pegs and bang them into square holes, and to take square pegs and bang them into round holes….. there can never be a positive outcome from that enterprise.

We are beginning to see, that this physical world GROWS OUT OF the world of unity, like a tree growing out of the ground….. all a part of one system…. all partaking in “one essence”….. and we as human beings, exist in our environment, exactly where we were “meant” to be…. and that physical rules relate to the physical world, while the rules of “quantum” relate to our awareness. AND, importantly, that we as human beings derive our “sense of well-being” from these varying levels of “the one”, not one or the other…..

So what does this mean. in relation to the original questions above?

Here is my theory:

Our sense, as human beings, that we have “ancient imparted wisdom”, is actually a part of the unified system, which we are a participants in. This cannot be lost, as it is “in our genes”, and it is dangerous to ignore the fact that we are a part of it, as the loss of that recognition, gives us the sense of being orphans. There is such a wealth of “being made whole” in these ancient ways of looking at the universe and our place in it….
Our sense, as human beings, that we are working to scientifically understand better, how this physical world works, and how we relate to it, is part of the dualistic system which our physical universe: this “world of things”, exists in. This is also a part of our birthright, as self-aware beings in this dualistic physical world.

In fact, there is no reason for these two parts of one system to battle each other.

What seems to be necessary, is for both sides to accept the other side, and realize that they are both working towards the same goal, but from different points of view, and using different vehicles.

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