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Meditation and the slowing of age related cognitive decline

Interesting research article regarding slowing age related cognitive decline

Thinking this research article has alot of interesting points relating not just to age related cognitive decline, but to the effects of meditation and attention focused activities, on our mental processes ongoing development. It seems to be saying that the Default Mode Network of the brain (DMN) gradually starts to “take over”, bringing more daydreaming…. bringing more self-referential thoughts, adding to depression etc, and that the DMN can be brought into a better relationship with the TPN or Task Positive Network of the brain by long-term practice of attention building activities…… Interestingly, it also ties practicing “stimuli based neural activity” activities with mental health. Potentially (imho) meaning that if a person practices “here and now” activities…. keeping a flowing attention (TPN) active, that the DMN can be more held in check, and not make a gradual takeover of ones “experiencing of the world”. We have all experienced the “I/Me/My” self-referential thinking infecting our mental and emotional peace, and we have also all experienced the storm subsiding when we practice NOW and zazen practices, with the ever broadening “plateau” experience of shikantaza.

On a bit of a side note, I am so grateful to have found Gary Weber and Rich Doyle, and Gary’s teaching on self-inquiry and on neuroscience.
It showed me the way to seeing how to be freed from the mental BLAH BLAH of I/Me/My self referential dialogue. I see so many folks who are “trapped in an endless stream of uncontrolled ruminative thought”, and often find myself wanting to help….. but our urges to help others can also be rooted in self-centered motivations…… it is so wonderful to be able to “pick off the goldfish in the aquarium” as Rich Doyle says…… mental and emotional peace and quiet IS available for those who are diligent!!!

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