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Oceanic Awareness and the character of Doing (Function) (Level 2)

So Oceanic Awareness is Unity. Oceanic Awareness is Pure Being.

And Oceanic Awareness, when it practices Doing (Function) produces Plurality (the basis of the Physical World).

All Doing and all Things emerge constantly from Oceanic Awareness.

Just as electricity needs a constant flow to function, so the physical world
is constantly emerging from Oceanic Awareness.

The Physical world’s existence IS Oceanic Awareness Doing.

Before any Doing, Oceanic Awareness is Unity. “Before” the emergence of the physical world of “things”, there is no “thing and its opposite”….. there is no right or left, there is only “center-containing-both-right-and-left”

It is important to understand that “In the Beginning”, Unity exists containing all things and their opposites.

But just as we are characterized by our Doing, so Pure Being has a Function, and this Function is Doing.

A Pulling Apart is the first step in creating the Physical World.

This Pulling Apart is necessary for Physical Things to exist.

Physical Things necessarily are separate and individual because they exist in only one place and time.

Physical Things are Awareness acting in the Physical World.

Human Beings are Awareness acting in the Physical World.

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