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Oceanic Awareness – How do we “Practice Living in the Present in Oceanic Awareness”? (Level 5)

If we as humans are in fact Oceanic Awareness experiencing the Physical World, then how does this heal my sense of being Orphaned?

If Oceanic Awareness is in fact our “Parent Root”, then it would only be reasonable that the senses and experiencing mechanisms this system has developed in me, would be full and complete in the system i live in.

So why is it that we often do not experience this fullness and completeness? (the question asked by people and religions from time immemorial)

i am of the firm conviction that it is a part of our Nature, and that if we are not experiencing what we were “meant” to experience, that something is blocking that experiencing.

Humans, being separate and individual in this Physical World, yet being aware of the World of Unity, cannot Be At Home without both.

When one understands that the existence of the Physical World is based on this Pulling Apart, it becomes clear that we humans exist both in the World of Unity, as well as the World of Plurality…. or Duality.

When we humans define ourselves by this Physical World, we feel orphaned.

When we humans define ourselves by the World of Unity, we become of no use in this Physical World.

When we humans realize the true reality of what we are, we can be balanced in that true reality.

The only way to experience the World of Unity AND the Physical World we find ourselves in, is to practice Living in the Present…. living Here and Now.

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