How to Practice

“Do the Task that is before you”

“Do the Task that is before you”, and treat each task and each moment as “This is all that this moment holds, and it is perfect”.
This is the way of living a life of satisfaction and harmony.

I remember a saying “Too heavenly minded to be of any earthly good”. I was raised in this type of environment. Folks who considered that some sort of afterlife was more important than “this” life…. and those folks were scorned using those words by the folks who were “Too earthly minded to be of any heavenly good”.

These days, it gets framed differently, and rightly so.

With the concept of “body/mind” becoming more of a common understanding, we have learned that we humans have both a Body/physical side and a Mind/psychological side….. and that these are both parts of one system.

i tend to use the term Mind instead of the term spiritual, because of the way i have come to see the world… namely, that everything is a part of One system or essence, and there is not a chasm separating a spiritual world from a physical world. (So i don’t really tend to use the term supernatural, as it implies such a physical/spiritual chasm…. and that chasm implies a torn apart system)

It seems common sense is telling us that not only do we have a need for mental and emotional balance, which we might call our “inner life”, but that urge towards an inner life needs to be balanced with the fact that we are primarily physical sensing beings which we might call our “outer life”… and that these parts are parts of one whole. (it seems that females tend to understand this better than males)

So it seems to be more like a spectrum from inner to outer, than a inner thing vs. an outer thing, with two worlds warring against each other.

So, to forget or ignore, that our reality consists of both physical balance as well as mental/emotional balance puts us in a precarious position.

So, this shows clearly….. that we shift along that spectrum from inner to outer life in the way, by the way that we approach our lives.

For a simple example, when we are eating, we are primarily focused on our outer or physical life, but when we are praying or meditating, we are primarily focusing on our inner or mind life.

And sometimes, those two ends of the spectrum war against each other….. so sometimes we wish we could focus on the inner aspect, when we are forced to focus on the outer things.

This creates a dilemma. And we become frustrated……

It is this Dilemma……. a tug of war in our mind, which creates dissatisfaction in our moment by moment awareness.


Dissatisfaction is the root cause of human misery……

When “life” presents us with things that we don’t like, we compare them with what we DO like, and a dilemma arises.

So for example, we wish we could spend time meditating (to feed our inner life) when we need to work (because the physical side needs to work to eat and have a roof over our heads)

The simple answer to this dilemma is “Do the Task that is before you”, and treat each task and each moment as “This is all that this moment holds”. This creates a harmony between the inner and the outer life… joining them together instead of creating a war between them.

Doing this creates a satisfaction with each moment, because we begin to live in a “It is as it is” fullness frame of mind, which can always be grateful, always be satisfied….. which in turn releases the energy which the dilemma was stealing, so we have more energy to participate in each moment Just As It Is.🙏🙏🙏

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