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Why is “Awareness is Father of all” different than “God is the father of all”?

i feel that a comparison is necessary between an “Awareness story”, and the “Biblical story” which is widely accepted by modern religious folks, to show why a change of our thinking and perspective is even necessary…..

The way the biblical story is interpreted in our modern times, there is a chasm between the “Creator” and the “created”. This is not a story of a father and his children, but rather that of a “Potter who cares deeply for his pot”. The chasm is between the potter, and a pot which is totally unrelated to him except for the fact that he built it.

I suspect this was not the proper interpretation in the first place, but became so after there was a need to show Jesus as a redeemer, as he obviously would be needing to redeem us from something…….

The Jewish people, from whom the story originally came, do not share the idea of the fall of man.
Saint Augustine (354-430) was the first theologian to teach that man is born into this world in a state of sin. The basis of his belief is from the Bible (Genesis 3:17-19) where Adam is described as having disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. This, the first sin of man, became known as original sin.

Many Christians today, particularly members of the Anglican, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Methodist, and Presbyterian Churches, subscribe to this belief. They maintain that the sin of Adam was transferred to all future generations, tainting even the unborn. Substantiation for this view is found in the New Testament (Romans 5:12) where Paul says, “Wherefore as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned. By one man’s disobedience many were made sinners.”

Christianity believes that only through the acceptance of Jesus that the “grace” of God can return to man. A Christian need only believe in Jesus to be saved; nothing else is required of her.

The doctrine of original sin is totally unacceptable to Jews (as it is to Christian sects such as Baptists and Assemblies of God). Jews believe that man enters the world free of sin, with a soul that is pure and innocent and untainted. While there were some Jewish teachers in Talmudic times who believed that death was a punishment brought upon mankind on account of Adam’s sin, the dominant view by far was that man sins because he is not a perfect being, and not, as Christianity teaches, because he is inherently sinful.”

In the Awareness interpretation, there is no fall of man, and Awareness is not separated from “created things”, but rather is the very essence of all things, such that, if there were no Awareness there would be no physical world arising from it. So, from this perspective, Awareness (now designated God) would truly be the Father of all. (there can be no children without the father)

Let’s look at the difference between these to perspectives …

God is outside all things acting on all things.
Awareness, is INSIDE all things and operating through all things (this is visible in all biological things).

God is APART from all things, separate from all things.
Awareness is a part of all things …

All humans must reach out to an outside God to have a connection to him.
All humans have Awareness as a part of them…..

The story is that man disobeyed God, and so thru Adam all humans fell from grace.
– In the Awareness story, each human being is just as every human being has ever been created, with no “defects”, and every human being decides on what their connection (or relationship) to Awareness looks like.

Awareness is not given to someone based on their deeds, it is part of the human package when a person is born into this physical world. It is a part of their inheritance and birthright.

In the literal bible story, a force for evil is necessary, as the story is about outside forces manipulating a human being.
– In the Awareness story, each human being has choices to make as to whether they do bad things or if they do good things. There is no necessity of a boogeyman outside themselves who is the perpetrator of evil.

humans are inherently evil, so God is necessary for a person to do good or be of any value.
– Awareness acts as a part of us….. as an inner guide (the Spirit of Life) which pulls us towards the light, and if we choose to not heed that pull, we can fall out of the connection with the Ground of Being (Awareness) and into a world of selfish darkness.

(This could be the “falling” which is misinterpreted by the modern biblical reading, and then because we believe that misinterpretation, we see our own sometimes sense of inner separation, as being due to God rejecting us because we have done something wrong. But in truth, that sense of separation is due to our having ignored or covered over or gone against that Inner guide, and repentance is to admit this and return home)

This interpretation of that story…. the story of Awareness, says that when we are born, this Awareness is a part of our original makeup, and that actual connection can never be severed, as it is part of our essence. Therefore it is up to each of us to nurture this inner light, and if we choose to ignore it, we can find ourselves caught in a darkness which puts our selfish needs above following the light within.

This “healing” of this mistake of chasm theology allows for several things to occur.

Firstly, it does not require some sort of evil in the universe to be pulling us away from our Creator. (We don’t see either an external God, nor an external Satan in nature, nor does this fit with modern science is telling us.)

Secondly, it places the responsibility solely on us ourselves, as human beings.

Thirdly, we see that the forces we feel are interior to us, and not due to circumstances or external forces.

Fourthly, we can see that as humans, we are children of this Father, and that any movement away from or towards our “core” is the story of the Prodigal Son. Even though the prodigal son is a true son, he chooses to take his inheritance and squander it, but once he sees the error of his ways, he asks if he can return home (in repentance) and he is accepted back…… both the leaving and the returning are of his own choosing.

In this Prodigal Son story, there is no devil, or boogeyman, or evil force tempting him….. the only tempters are the tempters in his mind. These are tempters which say “fulfillment is found outside, in possessions or fame or power”.

The pull of these tempters in our mind becomes stronger if we misunderstand them, and do not live in a way that helps us deal with them properly. In this sense, this seems to be purely a human mind condition.

2 thoughts on “Why is “Awareness is Father of all” different than “God is the father of all”?

  1. Um …. those are pretty broad statements about different strands of Christianity. Certainly, some people believe that way. But so many people I know from many of those strands don’t follow at all the broad strokes you seem to be painting the particular strands with. Be careful, please.


    1. Thanks Norma for your word of caution. i usually err on the side of wordiness, but in writing these posts, i am trying to keep things simple….. so it sounds like i am dumping everyone into one basket…. sorry, that is not my intention…… As soon as one separates the truth into a “them and us”, the message gets twisted…… but it was truly done to make a quick comparison in order to see the issue more clearly. There is a exodus under away from “religion” and it is moving towards personal spirituality. (but many of my friends don’t have a sense of “where do I go from here?”) But i believe this is the right direction. Why? Because the church taught for 2000 years that our connection to “the Creator” is something happening outside us, and that we are at base evil, whereas now, some folks are starting to see we have/are an inner essence which we are either nurturing or ignoring. In seeing this Awareness as the root of everything, it flips the picture upside down, with “God” always being/dwelling there in our inner being, and we are choosing to either nurture or ignore it. This also says that the “Word” is a deep part of us, and as such, we are all in a “direct revelation” relationship with it… not requiring to reach outside ourselves (the source of our inner sickness) …. and that if we are nurturing it, it will grow. We make the decision moment by moment of either nurturing it or ignoring it, and if we find that we are ignoring it, it only requires an instantaneous turning around to begin nurturing it again. BTW, the Jewish folks have no such “chasm” theology.


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