How to Practice

Asking ourselves why do we have such Lifes Turmoil?

It is BECAUSE of life’s turmoil, that some folks are led to look for something to hang on to, or something deeper within ourselves. Others just choose to live in darkness and bitterness….. If a person is honest with themselves, it can lead to finding the ” it is just as it is” inside ourselves. And when we learn to first recognize, and then to follow our inner GPS (inner guidance system which is given to every person in our “birth package”), we can begin to put down our reliance on those outside us and put down our reliance on our lifes contents. Then we can breath by breath, put back together the “inner/outer anomaly” of separateness. This can lead to living moment by moment in “all things are just as they are”. We find that the problem is that we began being fixated on a false sensation that our “I” needs to be defended against some force outside it….. The Prodigal Son story shows the path we took away from “home”, and the way back. There is no right path or wrong path in that story, it is simply the story of us naturally wandering away, and then returning home in the awareness of “oh… i see where that went”….. and living in the practice of atoning for our mistakes.

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