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i keep reminding myself…… Don’t assume too much!

i keep reminding myself…… 🙂Why is it better to not assume that we have a full understanding of G_d? ….. Why is it better to trust in “Reality” as we flow in it? (One might say “G_d” IS Reality….. one might say “G_d” IS the totality of Reality… (it is written “I AM”…… is there another Reality??) Reality is how we experience “I AM”…. there are no dividing lines… only the dividers we dream up in our heads)The amount of assumptions and opinions we have about “the way things are”, is in direct proportion to the limitations on our ability to experience Reality “Just As It Is”.If we aren’t experiencing Reality, or Life in all its fullness in this and every moment, then what are we waiting for???? We should be fully pointed into the fullness of this life, every moment! (now there is an un-ending practice!!)If i missed the fullness of THIS moment, then i missed the whole point of this life.Our assumptions and opinions about what we understand, put limits on our experiencing of Reality Just As It is. Take the limits off! 🙏🙏🙏😉

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